Brewhouse Margaret River


Brewhouse Margaret River — Brewpub — 10hL La Inox ill bravo (Brewmaster) brewery

  • 1 x 10 HL LA Inox Mashing Tun/Kettle-Whirlpool brew house inclusive of all piping, multiple pumps and key station manifold 
  • 1 x 10 HL LA Inox Lautering Tun / Mash lauter with lauter rakes, invert drive for OHS cleaning
  • 1 x LA Inox Tank in stainless steel Hl. 10 Hot Liquor tank, 
  • 1 x Tank in stainless steel Hl. 10 for cold liquor storage and production·1 x Programming and control board for the Brew house
  • 1 x one stage plate heat exchanger 
  • 1 x Pipeline in stainless steel which connects the brew kettle, the filter and the whirlpool 
  • 1 x Non-slip gangway and operator panel in stainless steel for access to brew house controls panel.
  • 1 x Whirlpool wort Transfer pump
  • 1 x 200 kg Malt Mill with customised bag holder and hopper extension
  • 1 x Fermentation Control Panel for up to 12 Tanks
  • 1 x Mobile mono pump for transferring between tanks
  • 1 x Della Toffola/1x 8.5E/05 Refrigeration Unit Cooling 3 Phase
  • 1 x Manual Keg Washer Bench Mounted – designed and manufactured by FB*Propak