We are committed to delivering 'best technology at best price' packaging, bottling, canning & labelling solutions, without compromise on quality. We partner with leading global equipment manufacturers and suppliers, whilst providing a high level of support and capabilities. 

Understanding that our clients operate in extremely competitive global business environments, we offer a comprehensive range of engineering services including consultation, project management, installation, commissioning, retrofitting, training, maintenance and after-sales servicing. 

Our integrated solutions span filling, depalletising, rinsing, corking, capping, labelling, packing, conveying, canning, pouching and palletising. Solutions range from single unit equipment to highly advanced multi-million dollar, automated multiple-line turnkey systems.

Still Products

We provide a full range of fillers for non-carbonated products including kombucha, milk, ice teas, energy drinks, wines and spirits, foods and body care products including non viscous fluids to thick viscous items like oils, dips and paste. Solutions for hot and cold fill, PET, glass, sanitary and standard filling techniques.

Sparkling Products

We supply an extensive range of fillers for carbonated products including beer, cider, soft drinks, energy drinks, wines, kombucha and spirit mixes. Solutions are also offered for hot and cold fill, PET, glass, sanitary and standard filling techniques.

Solid Packaging

Dry end machinery includes depalletising and blow moulding, bottle/can/glass handling systems, and labelling such as cold/wet glue, self adhesive, hot melt and sleeve application. Complete solutions can be offered using specialist ‘pick & place’ applications, case erecting, wrap around packaging, case sealing and shrink wrapping, through to palletising with single and multi steam applications.

Flexible Packaging

Predominately used in the food and personal care industries, flexible packaging covers many consumer goods from personal care products such as shampoo’s, soaps and toothpastes, to food goods such as biscuits, snack foods, confectionary, fresh deli products, processed meats and shelf ready packaging systems. We provide a full range from vacuum sealers, retort and specialist ‘pick & place’ machines, through to palletising.


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