Pikes - Brewery and Packaging Line



1 x 20 HL LA Inox Mashing Tun/Kettle-Whirlpool brew house inclusive of all piping, multiple pumps and key station manifold

1 x 20 HL LA Inox Lautering Tun / Mash lauter with lauter rakes, invert drive for OHS cleaning

1 x LA Inox Tank in stainless steel Hl. 40 Hot Liquor tank, consider the volume allows for rapid production of hot liquor, double brews

1 x Tank in stainless steel Hl. 40 for cold liquor storage and production with PHE (heat exchanger)

1 x Programming and control board for the brewhouse

1 x two stage plate heat exchanger

1 x Pipeline in stainless steel which connects the brew kettle, the filter and the whirlpool

1 x Non-slip gangway and operator panel in stainless steel for access to brewhouse


1 x Whirlpool wort Transfer pump
2 x 40 HL Fermentation tank in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10
2 x 20 HL Fermentation tank in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10
1 x 40 HL Bright Beer Tank in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 HL 40 @ 1.5 Bar
1 x Central Control Panel - Cellar Temperature Tank Farm Control for up to 10 Tanks
1 x Cellar Pump for movement of beer & CIP around the brewery
1 x PSS semi-automatic keg washer and filler


1 x Isobaric Modulblock RFCI 09/08/1 –DPS/C consisting of: - Double pre- evacuation 20-40 ppb (parts per billion) DO
High polish bowl for low microbial spoilage
Cider adjustment, deactivation of counter pressure
Level adjustment tubes (total of 8)
Round Bottles accessories 09/08/1-12/16/1-C
CIP sterilisation cam-06-24 to clean complete valve and DPS loop
Dummy bottles quick release –stainless steel cups and CIP loop
QC control bottle damage, fill height and cap Photocell
Bottle explosion cleaning device bottle 6-20
CIP Set (as per brewery system) connection for Complete CIP of filler plant Self-adhesive liner labelling machine LLAC-R-SQ (TURBO)
Labelling station –Body, Back & Neck Label SBS
Pressure sensitive/Self Adhesive
QC outlet sensor no label
Printer Hot foil Date/Batch stamp printer
Full stainless steel Italian Quality frame & support
Connecting conveyors between Filler & labeller (customised) Loading/Unloading conveyor sections (customised to customers’ requests)