The Craft & Co

THE CRAFT & CO –  10hL BREWERY & distillery


1 x 10 HL LA Inox Mashing Tun/Kettle-Whirlpool brew house inclusive of all piping, multiple pumps and key station manifold

1 x 10 HL LA Inox Lautering Tun / Mash lauter with lauter rakes, invert drive for OHS cleaning

1 x LA Inox Tank in stainless steel Hl. 10 Hot Liquor tank, 

1 x Cold Water holding tank with sterile water filtration –designed by FB*PROPAK

1 x Programming and control board for the Brew house

1 x two stage plate heat exchanger

2 x steam condensers from lauter tun and mash/kettle/whirlpool for steam extraction – instead of flues outside – designed by FB*PROPAK

1 x Pipeline in stainless steel which connects the brew kettle, the filter and the whirlpool

1 x Non-slip gangway and operator panel in stainless steel for access to brew house


1 x Whirlpool wort Transfer pump

1 x 200 kg Malt Mill with customised bag holder and hopper extension

1 x Fermentation Control Panel for up to 5 Tanks

2 x La Inox 10 HL Pressurised Fermentation Tanks (Unis) – for fermentation and conditioning. 

2 x La Inox 20 HL Pressurised Fermentation Tanks (Unis) – for fermentation and conditioning. Build specifically for the space and height of roof in brewery area.

1 x La Inox 10 HL Bright Beer Tank – with Carbonation Stone for carbonating beer

1 x Mobile mono pump for transferring between tanks

Drains and trade waste system set up and consented with council

1 x 150 Kw Concept Steam Boiler (Australian designed and made) run by LPG for running the steam powered brewhouse 

1 x RMA/1x 8.5E/05 Refrigeration Unit Cooling 3 Phase – all cellar control and cooling set up by FB*Propak

*1 x Manual Keg Washer/Filler Bench Mounted – designed and manufactured by FB*PROPAK

The Craft & Co 140-180 litre charge copper pot still - Steam powered through steam jacket

Hand-crafted copper pot still of the most modern design and fabrication; 

Configurations and options customized to produce 

Whiskies, eau-de-vie, brandies, gin, rum

• Steam jacket, stainless steel, for efficient indirect heating

• Heavy gauge copper pot, hand-hammered and polished, for solidity and longevity

• Tubular condenser and distillate outlet, in stainless steel 

Spherical form, hammered  

Upper part of the copper boiler (still head)

Socket for electrical agitator 

Inspection glass to observe the cooking mash 

Glass for lighting fixture to illuminate the cooking mash  

cleaning spray ball


Most modern design made in stainless steel  

Indirect steam heating, max.  0.5 bar   

standing on four legs, made in stainless steel feet adjustable in height   

Integrated fixtures:  1 safety valve, including relief / safety valve 0.5 bar = about 7 psi 1 manometer & 1 air outlet valve



Installed directly on top of the pot - hand-made of copper

 “disgorging device” (foam knock down)

Inspection glass diameter 100 mm / 4”

Jet in, stainless steel spray ball

1 thermometer, 0-120°C / 32 – 248°F  


installed beside the pot, placed on a stainless steel console, which is attached to the steam jacket 

working counter-current, made of copper  

3 copper bubbling plates, designed for optimal, intensive aroma transfer  

3 devices to switch the plates on / off dedicated manual device for each plate 

1 partial condenser  of the most modern design, optimal efficiency  copper ‘dephlegmator’ welded to the copper cylinder in the top of the column  

4 inspection glass (brass) 

4 cleaning nozzle jets (stainless spray balls) 

1 thermometer, 0-120°C / 32 – 248°F


Tube in tube / tubular condenser made in stainless steel 

About 1.2 m2 heat-exchange surface working counter current 

 Diameter about 160 mm / 6.3 in, length about 1,250 mm / 49.2 in 

1 thermometer, 0-120°C / 32 – 248°F (bi-metal)  


made of stainless steel, including proof-hydrometer 

Open system (i.e., not government sealed; without counter)  


Water installation within the still made in stainless including ball valves nickel brass