Time to order your brewing equipment!

To take advantage of your peak production period later this year, get in touch with us now if you're keen to discuss your brewing equipment, supply or installation needs, big or small! With our experienced team of engineers, brewers and technicians, we have plenty of scope and depth to accommodate your requirements - our broad brewing equipment range includes;bottling and canning lines, centrifuges, filtration, clarifiers, tanks,keg cleaners and packing, nano/pilot/micro brewing systems,malt mills, refrigeration and much more...

Feel free to call or email us to find out more — (03) 9924-4050 orinfo@fbpropak.com.au If we don't hear from you soon, then we look forward to catching up with you at either ACBC, AIBA or GABS :)

Note: We'll be holding an in-depth presentation on crossflow filtration at ACBC, so stay tuned for details!