FB*PROPAK’s Olive Oil business unit (formerly AOOS – Australian Olive Oil Supplies) has been in operation since 1966, and represents one of the oldest olive oil concerns in Australia and New Zealand. Our diverse depth of experience and equipment makes FB*PROPAK an industry leader, involved with every facet of olive oil and olive production.

We have worked with some of Australia’s most prestigious olive oil growers and processors including:

  • Murradoc Oil Processors
  • Wollundry Grove
  • Olive Oz
  • Preston Valley Grove
  • Three Bridges Olive Grove
  • Nullamunjie Olive Oil 
  • and Fish Creek Mountain Olives to name but a few

The agent for a number of leading international suppliers such as OMT, TEM, Algor, Liverani, Della Toffola, Tecnicapompe and FRAMAX, we provide an additional dimension by thoroughly using and trialing all imported equipment. Customers benefit from the latest technologies combined with the best local know-how.

Our equipment range includes processors, harvesters, washing and deleafing equipment, tanks and storage, packaging and bottling, filtration, pumps and a wide range of accessories.


FB*PROPAK’s experienced engineering and technical service personnel offer service and support for all equipment installation/commissioning and after sale service, including a detailed spare parts inventory at our head office.

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Murradoc Oil Processors

Murradoc Oil Processors initially purchased the Pegaso 500 and then upgraded in 2006 to the OMT X15 super decanter and 1.5/hr press with 4 X 700kg malaxes. Processing award winning olive oil relies on a number of aspects, quality olives, good harvesting methods and good quality processing equipment, said Dale Stelfox of Murradoc Oil Processors.
The OMT olive oil specific decanter design provided numerous benefits, including those derived from a waste water processing perspective by separating in ‘one’ pass, extractions in three separate streams - clean waste water, dry waste pomace and clean extra virgin olive oil. Further, the ‘double extraction’ decanter design demonstrated a considerable performance advantage as to the high olive oil yield extraction volume.

About Murradoc Oil Processors

Murradoc Oil Processors’ and their Lighthouse Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand, is a multi-award winning olive oil, grown and cold pressed on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula. With 11,000 trees grown on 165 acres, Murradoc Oil Processors/ Lighthouse is one of Australia’s leading producers of extra virgin olive oil.

For further information about Murradoc Oil Processors visit www.lighthouseoliveoil.com.au