Bluetongue Brewery

Bluetongue Brewery recently updated their brew house from a 2 vessel 25HL to a new 4 vessel 50HL system.

The 4 vessel system allows Bluetongue to push more brews per day through the plant, giving them economies of scale and greater efficiency, whilst maintaining consistent quality and throughput.

In addition to the new brew house, Bluetongue Brewery also upgraded their complete fermentation cellar with 6 x 100HL PSS fermenters, 3 x 200HL fermenters from a local Newcastle fabricator, and 6 x 100HL storage tanks.

The original 24HL plant was supplied and commissioned in late 2003, and has since evolved to be one of Australia’s larger microbreweries processing around 2 million litres of beer last year.


Bluetongue Brewery was founded in November 2003 by four Hunter based entrepreneurs who wanted to create premium Australian beer with the stamp of their local region. Bluetongue Brewery produces several beers including their flagship brand Bluetongue Premium Lager, Ginger Beer and Pilsner as well as all the beer for the Energy Australia Stadium in Newcastle.
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