Matilda Bay Brewery

One of our early projects was the installation and commissioning of a brewery at the former Stockade Brewery — now Matilda Bay Garage, in Melbourne’s Dandenong South in early 2001.

The brewery featured a 25HL brewhouse, 10 x 60HL CCV’s and 2 x 60HL BBT’s. The brewhouse was automated with a Siemens Simatic PLC on request from the client, primarily for product consistency and to free up brewers for other tasks.

The brewhouse also serves as the much valued R&D unit for the Matilda Bay Group, where all beers are developed and stringent processes are required. The tailored equipment allows Matilda Bay to brew in small craft batches, thus creating beer with more flavour and character.


The recipient of numerous awards, the Matilda Bay Brewing Company. started in 1984, with the release of the Redback and Dogbolter beers. In 2005, Matilda Bay opened up ‘The Garage’ in Victoria’s Dandenong. The new facility gave the Company the opportunity to refine their beers and continue to invent new ones.
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