The Flying Horse Bar & Brewery

After being in development for nearly four years, The Flying Horse Bar and Brewery in Warrnambool Victoria, opened in July 2008.
The boutique brewery installation was as a turnkey solution — we supplied a skid mounted 10HL Pub Brew system with mash/lauter, HLT combo vessel and kettle/whirlpool vessel. The installation included a glycol chilling unit, steam boiler, grain mill with auger and keg washing/filling unit, three 1000L FV and two 1200L Bright beer tanks. The stainless steel, steam powered and manually operated brewery is a classic single infusion design, which roughly translated means that it can produce over 2500 pots of beer.
Winner of the prestigious Champion Porter trophy and Gold Medal at the 2009 Australian International Beer Awards, the brewery is actively working on growing distribution of its beers both domestically and in overseas markets.


The Flying Horse Brewery aims to service local customers and tourists, with a unique and rewarding hospitality experience. The site was previously a service station and caravan park named "The Flying Horse Inn", which featured a red pegusus horse. The owners of the Brewery – Matt Monk, Matt Stewart and Graeme Rodger, decided to maintain the unique branding. Beers range from the light, refreshing hoppy Whale Ale, to the Lady Bay Lager, the aromatic Whoolaston Wheaty and famous Dirty Angel.

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